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Psssst! This is the hello Bar.

The Hello Bar

Developer Guide

Are you a developer? Have you just received Hello Bar code to place on your websites? It’s ok if you have questions. We understand and you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help. Some of the most common questions we could think of as developers we placed below. If there are any additional questions you have, please use the contact link below and ask us. We’re a very friendly bunch.

Q: What is the Hello Bar?
A: A Hello Bar is a simple notification bar to deliver a message and drive traffic to a specific call to action.

Q: Who controls the Hello Bar’s content?
A: A Hello Bar’s content is controlled by the Hello Bar owner.
If you’re not the owner of a Hello Bar, you can not change the content that is displayed. Only those who are the owners or have the log-in privileges to the account associated are able to make edits to the content.

Q: How is the Hello Bar’s content controlled?
A: From the dashboard of the account associated with a particular Hello Bar.
Hello Bars are created individually under a user account. Within that account users are able to create as many Hello Bars as they would like and decide which content gets placed inside. If you are not the owner of the Hello Bar you’re placing on your website, please contact the owner for any requested changes.

Q: Will Hello Bar slow down the site?
A: No, not if installed correctly.
If site speed is a big concern and you’ve got other essential JavaScripts loading, just place Hello Bar right before the closing body tag </body>  It doesn’t care if it’s last in line, and this way it won’t slow you down.

Q: What exactly does the Hello Bar code do?
A: It inserts a div at the top of the HTML markup with a message and a link.
The Hello Bar code snippet grabs the user’s Hello Bar from and then loads the most recent content into the page in a <div> at the top of the document.