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We admire people and things that stand out by showing their unique qualities and ideas. So naturally, we wanted to allow our users to make their messages stand out with more control over the look and feel of their Hello Bar. In an effort to do that, we are now introducing new Texture Designs to the Hello Bar Pro.

You can already customize what your Hello Bar says, how and where it appears, the color layout, and more but that wasn’t enough for us. You can now also add a breathtaking, crowd-stopping, eye-popping  texture to your Hello Bar to help it further stand out from the crowd.

So without further adieu, meet our 8 unique new textures. From gritty to swanky, there is something for every occasion:

Not sure which texture is right for your site? Go crazy and try them all! Using Hello Bar Pro’s sweet A/B testing will help you narrow down which textures resonates best with your users.

These new Texture Designs are exclusive to the Hello Bar Pro, so sign up for a free trial, test them out for yourself, and let us know which one is your favorite!

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Comments 3

Jesse ChapoJuly 1st, 2011

that’s awesome, great little feature.

Dave CookAugust 2nd, 2011

I like the shading the most, like the gradient top or gradient bottom.

MarcoApril 12th, 2012

I’ve been using pro for half a month and I just learned about this. Lol

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