Deploy Your Hello Bar Anywhere!


We recently launched Hello Bar, a great new web toolbar for grabbing your visitors’ attention. Hello Bar is meant to be an easy to setup, easy to maintain and easy to deploy solution for setting up calls to action on your website, regardless of where its hosted or what system is powering it. So long as you have access to paste in JavaScript code, you can run Hello Bar on your website!

Running Hello Bar on Tumblr:
To place your Hello Bar on your Tumblr blog, just paste the code snippet into the Description text area. Since there are some Tumblr interface elements that take up the same space as the default Hello Bar open/close links, we recommend you set the open/close link position on the left side via the Settings area of your Hello Bar.

Running Hello Bar on WordPress:
Depending on how much exposure you want your Hello Bar to have, you can either paste the code snippet in your theme’s template files for global exposure, or you paste it in the HTML editor on a post or page for single page exposure. UPDATE: This will only work with installations

Running Hello Bar on Squarespace:
Running Hello Bar on your Squarespace website is very simple thanks to Sqaurespace’s full support of HTML code snippets. Just paste in the code snippet any place you can edit HTML.

Running Hello Bar on Blogger:
Blogger’s deployment options is similar to WordPress’. You can have your Hello Bar show up on a single page by pasting your code snippet in via the Edit Html view. You may have to save the post while in the Edit Html view though as Blogger has a nasty habit of placing in <br /> tags where they aren’t supposed to be. Alternatively, if you want site wide exposure, you can go to the Design section of your blog and Edit HTML for the blog’s template. Just paste the code snippet in after the line that looks like: <body expr:class='&quot;loading&quot; + data:blog.mobileClass'>

Running Hello Bar on Weebly:
Weebly is a great little easy to use platform for simple websites that supports JavaScript in numerous areas depending on how you want to deploy your Hello Bar. To deploy a Hello Bar on a single page, go to the Pages section and click on the Advanced Settings to paste the Hello Bar embed code snippet into the Footer Code field. If you want your Hello Bar to show up on any page of your Weebly website, go to the Design section and click on the Edit HTML/CSS button in the upper left of the screen and paste your Hello Bar embed code snippet just before the </body> tag. Be sure you are familiar with and comfortable with HTML before you do this option!

Running Hello Bar on Typepad:
Deploying a Hello Bar on Typepad may not seem possible at first, but you can still embed it in your design to show up on all the pages of your Typepad website. Go to the Settings section of your website and paste your Hello Bar embed snippet in the Blog Description box.

Hello Bar on Your Drupal Website
Deploying Hello Bar on a Drupal based website should be a simple task for theme developers. You can add your Hello Bar code snippet wherever you are outputting  HTML and it will process just fine. Alternatively, you can also implement it using Drupal’s block system. Just create a new Full HTML block (NOTE: not all Drupal users may have access to this block type, contact your website administrator to do this if you don’t have access) without a title and paste in the Hello Bar code snippet as the content. Place the new block in a footer block area for your theme and you’re set. Using this method you could create multiple blocks with different Hello Bar code snippets and show different Hello Bars for different areas of your website using the access controls for the block.

Hello Bar on Your Joomla 1.5.x Based Website
To add your  Hello Bar to your Joomla based website, the easiest way is to utilize the Joomla module system. This will give you the greatest control over what pages the Hello Bar appears on. If your user has privileges to do so, in the administration control panel of your Joomla website, navigate to the Module Manager section and create a new Custom HTML module. Set the Show Title option to off or you will see your title on the pages the module exists – all we want to see is the Hello Bar displayed on the page, not an actual module block. Set your Position to the footer if your Joomla template has that available as an area. The Order does not matter, but if you want, put it at the bottom of the order list. To determine where your Hello Bar will appear, select the places you would like in the Menu Selection section. The last thing to do to setup the module is paste in the code snippet. Just click on the HTML Source Editor icon in the Custom Output editor area and paste your Hello Bar code in.

NOTE: Joomla will automatically modify the code snippet and pre-pend http to the // JavaScript file path. If you are running part of your website through https, please make two Hello Bar modules – one for http and one for https – and manually specify https in the JavaScript file path.

Click the Save button to save the module and a Hello Bar should now appear on any of the pages you specified in your Menu Selection section.

Hello Bar on Your Joomla 1.6.x Based Website
Adding a Hello Bar to your Joomla 1.6.x based website is just like adding a Hello Bar to a Joomla 1.5.x website, just make adjustments to the new module management interface in the Joomla 1.6.x administration panel. I recommend checking out the Joomla Document Wiki or searching Google for details about changes and tutorials on using the new administrative interface if you are not familiar with them.

Hello Bar on Your DotNetNuke (DNN) Based Website

When adding a Hello Bar to your DotNetNuke based website you first want to be mindful that you’ve copied the snippet correctly. Next you’ll want to verify that you’re working in the HTML Editor NOT the Page Editor. Once you’re in the HTML Editor, add a text/HTML module (this is added so that only page editors can see it) in any pane. Lastly, switch to text box mode and add in the embed code and press save.

Where are you deploying Hello Bar? Got any quick tips on deploying on a platform I didn’t cover here? Have any platforms I didn’t cover here that you’d like to see covered? Let us know in the comments!

UPDATE: Please note that this blog post’s comment thread is not a good place to post support questions about integrating Hello Bar on your website. If you are having trouble, please feel free to post your question on our support forum and one of our team members will be happy to assist you as best we can.

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Javier C.October 25th, 2010

Just thought you’d like to know, the link to the hellobar page is incorrect:

Great little widget, though :)

Jessica NunemakerOctober 25th, 2010

Worked like a charm on WordPress!

Thanks for such an easy to install and snappy looking toolbar. :)

Chuck LonganeckerOctober 25th, 2010

Thanks! The link is fixed.

FREZOctober 25th, 2010

I love this toolbar! BUT it isn’t working proper on my website. Is it only relevant for the CMS platforms you outlined in this tut?

FREZOctober 25th, 2010

Nevermind – figured it out :) THANKS!

Dave ShepardOctober 26th, 2010

Hey Frez, what CMS platform were you trying to deploy it to and what did you do to get it working? It would be great to add the instructions to the post here for others to benefit from.

AliOctober 26th, 2010

This feature looks really awesome, and I’d love to implement it in to my website but it just freezes my website and keeps it from loading. Any non-wordpress/tumblr help available?

FREZOctober 31st, 2010

Hello Dave – I was able to implement the bar on a good ‘ol fashion hand-coded website :) Check it here: and thanks again for the coding!!!

ChipsNovember 8th, 2010


I want to publish a Hello Bar on a Media Wiki based site. But, I don’t know where I need to place the code. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Patrick HitchesNovember 10th, 2010

Where exactly in the wordpress template files would I put this in if I want it to run across my entire site??

Thank you!!


JamieNovember 10th, 2010

Hi Patrick,
You can place the HelloBar code snippet in your theme’s header or footer to make it appear sitewide.

Alternatively (and arguably easier) is the technique of placing your Hellobar code in a Text Widget and placing the Widget into one of your Widget areas.

Dave ShepardNovember 10th, 2010

Hey Patrick, the best place will either be in the footer.php file before the </body> tag or in the header.php file after the <body> tag. These files are included on every page, so you’ll always see it no matter where you are on the site.

Dave ShepardNovember 10th, 2010

Hey Chips, can’t say that I’ve tried it yet on a Media Wiki installation. Anyone have any suggestions? I’ll see if I can do some testing here too.

Patrick HitchesNovember 10th, 2010

Very Awesome!! Thank you!!!

Russ JohnsNovember 14th, 2010

I have been attempting to get my hellobar to work. I have it working on WP just like it is designed, but now I just get “…” at the header on the page.

I have copied the text again and changed the twitter feed, entered the message manually, but still have not identified the point of failure.

I really thing it is a cool tool and look forward to getting this working again. I had it working once and then it just quit showing up.

Any thoughts?

Dave ShepardNovember 15th, 2010

Hey Russ, thanks for the heads up on this. I’ve actually responded in our support forum to another user who is having a similar issue. We’re taking a look into it. The Twitter feature is one we’re still perfecting :-)

To keep things organized (and to make sure your questions get addressed), please keep comments limited to this article and post any support requests to our Get Satisfaction forum at

BrentDecember 6th, 2010

Trying to put in on a Weebly generated site. I put it in the header and it didn’t show up so tried inserting it into the html with no luck either. Putting it into a custom html box worked but I couldn’t get it at the top of the page. I haven’t published the site yet so maybe that’s why I can’t see it?

toddDecember 15th, 2010


Dave ShepardJanuary 3rd, 2011

Trying to put in on a Weebly generated site. I put it in the header and it didn’t show up so tried inserting it into the html with no luck either. Putting it into a custom html box worked but I couldn’t get it at the top of the page. I haven’t published the site yet so maybe that’s why I can’t see it?

That is the correct way of doing things. The Hello Bar will appear at the top of the page automatically, but sometimes themes can make the Hello Bar itself appear strangely. Do you have a page listed where you have the Hello Bar deployed on so we can see an example of what you’re getting?


Unfortunately posterous doesn’t support JavaScript in their themes, posts, pages or widgets yet. Its been an issue with their system for some time (over a year at least from what I can tell by the forum posts and blog comments). They’ve stated for some time that its a “coming soon” feature, but they’ve been saying that for over a year now. I’d recommend contacting them to see if they have any kind of ETA on JavaScript support.

Introducing a Simple WordPress Plugin for The Hello BarJanuary 7th, 2011

[...] recently blogged about Deploying Your Hello Bar Anywhere and have gotten a lot of great feedback on the topic. Some services make it tricky to add custom [...]

Jamie Hamel-SmithJanuary 7th, 2011

Hi everyone,
I’m just chiming in to let you all know that we’ve created a very simple WordPress plugin that makes it even easier to add Hello Bar to your WordPress site (globally).

Grab it here and let us know what you think.

Patrick HitchesJanuary 7th, 2011

Awesome!!! It works like a charm! 5 stars from me… I’m the first vote of ultimately Millions! I can see it now :) .

Robb SuttonJanuary 15th, 2011

Great bar. One quick question though.

The way the bar renders, it actually becomes a part of the content, so when I load it on sites like or…the bar pushes the content down but the background stays in the same spot.

When this happens, the entire look of the site is off. Is there anyway to get around this?


Jamie Hamel-SmithJanuary 24th, 2011

Hi Robb,
depending on how the site is coded, the inclusion of the Hello Bar can cause the issue you’re describing. A potential solution would be to change the Hello Bar’s settings to: “Positioning: Cover’s page content”.

Owen McGab EnaohwoJanuary 26th, 2011

Using wordpress, I get how to have HelloBar show globally on all my site pages. I get how to have it show on one specific page.

Now my question is how do I get HelloBar to show on my blog home page and blog post pages but not on other parts of my site like the home page and so on?

As in how can I get it to only work on “/blog” and pages with “/blog/*” in their URL (subdomain)

Jamie Hamel-SmithFebruary 1st, 2011

Hi Owen, I’m just following up on this issue.
It looks like Dave over in our support forum was able to help you out. I’ll post the solution for the benefit of others who might want the same behavior.

Owen McGab EnaohwoFebruary 1st, 2011

Please go ahead and post the solution to the issue I was facing. Your customer service is awesome!

MattFebruary 4th, 2011

Hello Bar rock! It’s a super simple way to get attention on your website. I’m impressed.

JamestheJustFebruary 16th, 2011

I have a link cloaker installed on my blog for affiliate links, it’s the Eclipse Cloaker, and I’m not sure if that’s the issue or what, but the way the link renders is:…affiliateID

It just causes a 404 error.

JoshuaFebruary 17th, 2011

Has anyone put this on a Drupal-powered site?

FiFebruary 17th, 2011

Got it working site wide on Blogger after I finally realised that Flock is blocking the popup even though hellobar is explicitly in the allowed list. Works in Firefox, IE, Chrome & Safari ok.

Olle LindholmFebruary 17th, 2011

This Hello Bar is great! Thank you so much!

Really love it!


Francis TaponFebruary 18th, 2011

How about instructions for Joomla?

Francis TaponFebruary 18th, 2011

I figured it out for Joomla: just put the code right under the in your HTML Template under the Administrator.

Tom DunnFebruary 18th, 2011

Where exactly did you put the code in Joomla to get it to work?

Kelly LesterFebruary 18th, 2011

New Hello Bar user/lover.
Got it installed in a snap on my blog with the WP plug-in mentioned above. Looks great!
But on my website, it looks great in Chrome and Firefox, but not on IE.
Can you take a look at the test page on the different browsers and tell me why the IE one has all that extra text that shouldn’t be there? (The Hello Bar on my blog looks good on all 3 browsers)

Rosie SlosekFebruary 18th, 2011

WordPress. Dot com or dot org? They work very differently as you know, and knowing which one is being described would be helpful. The above recommendations are not working on dot com.

Flloyd KennedyFebruary 18th, 2011

trying to figure out how to place the Hello Bar into a RapidWeaver site. I’ve placed the code in the Snippets area, but it doesn’t down up anywhere. Can’t figure out how to actually edit the source (page) code. Any suggestions?

adriana caseyFebruary 19th, 2011

LOVE the Hello Bar! Instructions were super easy! Thanks!!!

The Hello Bar – powiedz coś ważnego Światu | Piotr SajnogFebruary 21st, 2011

[...] to otrzymany kod może wpisać w oknie edytora i opublikować jako post. Autorzy gadżetu piszą na swoim blogu, że można to zrobić na kilku platformach blogowych (Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress). Ja [...]

Francis TaponFebruary 22nd, 2011

Tom Dunn: In Joomla 1.5.x, go to:

extensions manager -> template manager -> select your template

Click “edit HTML” button.

Insert code under the


Dave ShepardFebruary 23rd, 2011

Has anyone put this on a Drupal-powered site?

Shouldn’t have any problems there, depending on where you want it to display you could add it to your Drupal installation’s theme in a template file or you could paste the code into a node field in HTML mode (if you have that enabled) if you want it only on a specific node’s view.

But on my website, it looks great in Chrome and Firefox, but not on IE.
Can you take a look at the test page on the different browsers and tell me why the IE one has all that extra text that shouldn’t be there? (The Hello Bar on my blog looks good on all 3 browsers)

So, Hello Bar doesn’t really work in the old HTML 4.01 DOCTYPE very well – especially in IE. IE has its own very unique interpretation of what things are supposed to look like when that DOCTYPE is specified. If you change your DOCTYPE to a more modern DOCTYPE such as XHTML 1.0 Transitional things should look good for you in IE. Keep in mind that changing your DOCTYPE might adversely affect other aspects of your site since it does change the way the browser interprets things like margin and padding so do this with caution and test it locally first!

WordPress. Dot com or dot org? They work very differently as you know, and knowing which one is being described would be helpful. The above recommendations are not working on dot com.

Yeah, for those using you won’t have access to the Hello Bar plugin – unfortunately they don’t like taking JavaScript snippets anywhere ( Bummer! I’ve updated the post to reflect this.

MikeFebruary 24th, 2011

Using the bar on blogger…

I made a second bar, thinking it would probably rotate in with the other, but it’s not showing up. Does a separate script have to be placed for each message bar?

Jamie Hamel-SmithFebruary 24th, 2011

Hi Mike,
Right now it’s a 1 bar for 1 code snippet situation. We’ve got a lot of feedback on that specific issue and are looking at ways to expand on it. The best place to voice your ideas is right here however: Posting it there will allow others to vote on it, and if it gets a lot of traction it might make it to the front of the queue.

MikeFebruary 24th, 2011

Thanks Jamie.

Stephanie M. CockerlMarch 11th, 2011

Are there any examples of this being done in TypePad?

How To Help Japan With Aid and AwarenessMarch 11th, 2011

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kamikazeMarch 12th, 2011

hey cant seem to install it on the blogspot its giving the issue i pasted the code after the tag

Run a Website or Blog? You Can Help Japan With One Code Snippet – MacSoftwareMarch 12th, 2011

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Terrie WurzbacherMarch 12th, 2011

how do you get an invite. I can’t seem to get the code which is the pits since i want to use it to help the Japan folks get some help.


Run a Website or Blog? You Can Help Japan With One Code Snippet « Digital Brand Marketing EducatorMarch 12th, 2011

[...] That code can be used on a Tumblr, WordPress or Blogger blog, too; here are some detailed instructions. [...]

Run a Website or Blog? You Can Help Japan With One Code SnippetMarch 12th, 2011

[...] a standard donation request:That code can be used on a Tumblr, WordPress or Blogger blog, too; here are some detailed instructions.As for which links to use, that’s largely up to you. Here are a few reputable organizations [...]

Run a Website or Blog? You Can Help Japan With One Code Snippet | CashKlickMarch 12th, 2011

[...] That code can be used on a Tumblr, WordPress or Blogger blog, too; here are some detailed instructions. [...]

Chuck LonganeckerMarch 12th, 2011

@Terrie You can use the code “helpjapan”

Run a Website or Blog? You Can Help Japan With One Code Snippet | Ruturaj Pradeep Kohok | Your Web AdvisorMarch 12th, 2011

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AlyMarch 12th, 2011

For Joomla, log in via admin — Extensions — Template Manager. Select your template, click to edit html and then paste the code directly below the closing head tag which will be inside angle brackets as / head (previous posts here have stripped code methinks ;) So hope this helps for Joomla 1.5 folks!

Run a Website or Blog? You Can Help Japan With One Code Snippet Balakrishnan V K - Balakrishnan V KMarch 12th, 2011

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Blase CiabatonMarch 12th, 2011

I use Typepad to host my blog. Any ideas how to incorporate the Hello Bar in a Typepad blog? Thanks!

Social Axcess » Hello Bar for JapanMarch 12th, 2011

[...] any page where you can edit the html of the page, including, Tumblr, and Blogger.  They’ve got a page with tips on how to use it with those services. I don’t have a paid account on WordPress, but it was pretty easy to use on [...]

Iniciativa Hello Bar: Ayuda a Japón desde tu sitio web | WebAyunateMarch 12th, 2011

[...] en blogs hechos con Tumblr, WordPress o Blogger. Pueden ver más instrucciones en el blog de Digital Telepathy, el estudio de diseño que desarrolló Hello [...]

HesterMarch 12th, 2011

“Yeah, for those using you won’t have access to the Hello Bar plugin – unfortunately they don’t like taking JavaScript snippets anywhere ( Bummer! I’ve updated the post to reflect this.”

So is there no way I can add a Hello Bar to my site/ blog? I don’t know a lot about coding

Got a Site? Help Japan With A Code Snippet | Michael MichaelMarch 12th, 2011

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[...] That code can be used on a Tumblr, WordPress or Blogger blog, too; here are some detailed instructions. [...]

Terrie WurzbacherMarch 12th, 2011

@Chuck – thanks so much for your help!


MaritaMarch 12th, 2011

How do you make it open in a new tab?

Terremoto y tsunami en Japón: como ayudar sin ser timadoMarch 12th, 2011

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JosephMarch 12th, 2011

I followed the directions and it just isn’t showing. It makes a small space for it but no bar. Could it just be that I’m on chrome which means I can’t see certain things? Or do I need to do something to make it work?. If you could answer me via my Tumblr so that I will for sure get it that would be amazing.

Hello Bar on Blogger, Squarespace, WordPress, Tumblr « gwally's BlogMarch 12th, 2011

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ElisabethMarch 13th, 2011

Actually I have several WP blogs. After trying several times with several available themes, I find the snippet code doesn’t work. WP is stripping all HTML code out, and the hello bar doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

ElisabethMarch 13th, 2011

PS. It worked great on my ‘real’ web site that uses a Thesis template. No problem there, so I know it works. I just couldn’t add it to the blog.

prova 3 | Una Vita SvolantasticaMarch 13th, 2011

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Do you own a site or blog? Let’s help Japan! | Jerome LocsonMarch 13th, 2011

[...] For more detailed instruction on how to place this code on your site, please click here. [...]

JAKMarch 13th, 2011

Like it! But is there a way to adjust width of Hello Bar? If not, I”d REALLY like that function. I
dislike that “ribbony” top look — it’s especially ugly in mobile browser. (and BTW, it’s really slow to load in Dolphin for Android…so slow that unless you have some suggestion for speeding up, I’m going to have to remove it. )

adyMarch 13th, 2011

Having the following error after pasting the snippet after the line()… see error below …

” Please correct the error below, and submit your template again.
Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: Open quote is expected for attribute “{1}” associated with an element type “type”.

Bob FoxMarch 13th, 2011

When will you have code to use globally on a WP. com blog?

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8 ways to help Japanese victims from home | Natalie CopurogluMarch 13th, 2011

[...] visitors’ attention. Instructions to install it on WordPress, Tumblr, Squarespace and Blogger are here. You can sign up for Hello Bar by using the invite code [...]

8 ways to help Japanese victims from your home | Natalie CopurogluMarch 13th, 2011

[...] visitors’ attention. Instructions to install it on WordPress, Tumblr, Squarespace and Blogger are here. You can sign up for Hello Bar by using the invite code [...]

Deploy your HelloBar for Japan recently devastating earthquake and tsunami. |March 13th, 2011

[...] family and people in Japan. Show your support for them during this difficult hours by placing the HelloBar to your website and [...]

donnaMarch 13th, 2011

Tried putting the code into my main stylesheet but it didnt show anywhere. Tried putting it into my index.php and it didnt show up anywhere. Tried putting it into my header, and it didnt’ show up anywhere and has caused my sidebar and widgets to disappear – cant get it to work and cant figure where specifically in the code to put this new javascript code. any help would be good as i want to get this up on my site for Japan relief aspa. thanks.

donnaMarch 13th, 2011

sorry, forgot to say im on using Twenty twelve theme

上にHello Barてのを付けてみた « TSUNAMIgraphics BlogMarch 14th, 2011

[...] 興味のある人はやってみてはいかがでしょう。 こことかここを参考にしました。 Read Later document.write(unescape("%3Cscript")+" [...]

Jamie Hamel-SmithMarch 14th, 2011

Hi Donna,
If you’re using (self hosted) then you can try using the Hello Bar WordPress Plugin we made. All it does is places the Hello Bar code into your site’s header or footer:

Jamie Hamel-SmithMarch 14th, 2011

When will you have code to use globally on a WP. com blog?

At this point, we’re not sure how possible this will be:

Jamie Hamel-SmithMarch 14th, 2011

Hi Jak,
We have not done any specific testing in Dolphin, but quite a few of us are Android users and I have Dolphin installed. I’ll check it out and see what I find. If you want to create an issue thread for Dolphin specifically, then our forum is the best place for that:
Thanks for the report though!

Francis TaponMarch 14th, 2011

For some reason, my comment above got truncated. So I’ll repost here without using tags.

In Joomla 1.5.x, go to:

extensions manager -> template manager -> select your template

Click “edit HTML” button.

Insert code after the HEAD.


Nancy ComenitzMarch 14th, 2011

Just installed the code on my website today. It looks great on the first page. Wish I could change the color to make it stand out more. This site is not a blogger or wordpress site.

Run a Hello Bar on your website or blog and help Japan with one click. | The Science of StyleMarch 14th, 2011

[...] the Hello Bar. A floating bar at the top of your page that can display a brief message and a link to grab your [...]

JoannaMarch 14th, 2011

Just added the bar to my webpage and a new blog post with a step by step walkthrough of how to add the toolbar to WordPress and Tumblr.

donnaMarch 14th, 2011

James i’m just not getting it. I’ve installed the plugin. I have no idea what to do next. I dont see any bar on my site’s header or footer. I go to ‘edit the plugin’ and it shows me a ton of code. No idea what to do with that – how do i find where in the code to put my own choice of charity link? How do i get it to show up on my wordpress in the first place. I do know some coding but cant figure this out – the instructions seem to be lacking or i’m missing something simple

Chuck LonganeckerMarch 14th, 2011

If you create an account with Hello Bar with the invite code “helpjapan” you can change the color and style.

Greg TaylorMarch 15th, 2011

Thanks for the invite. The Hello Bar was so easy to use we had one up on our home page advertising our FREE Digital Marketing eBook in minutes.

I’m looking forward to seeing what copy works best in the bar and deploying it on some production sites. Thanks again.

J.JuraverMarch 16th, 2011

There is a new tutorial here :
It explain how to implement this hellobar in the websites powered by the Yacs CMS, in thirty seconds and with the screenshots about the process.

Leesa JMarch 17th, 2011

I tried pasting the code in the template (following the directions for WordPress) and now my whole site is ‘gone’. I can’t even get to the dashboard. I most likely pasted it in the wrong spot, but don’t get why the dashboard would be gone. Any suggestions? I’d really appreciate any you all may have… Thanks

Vera Marie BadertscherMarch 17th, 2011

I got a fatal error when trying to activate the plug-in.
However, when I set up wording on your web site for a bar and copied and pasted the code into my Header, it showed up fine.

I went back and tried again to activate the plug in with the same fatal error. Is there any way to activate the plug in or is it not necessary. (I’m guessing there are some fine tuning adjustments available if you use it as a plug in?)

My site is


Jamie Hamel-SmithMarch 17th, 2011

I went back and tried again to activate the plug in with the same fatal error. Is there any way to activate the plug in or is it not necessary. (I’m guessing there are some fine tuning adjustments available if you use it as a plug in?)

Hi Vera,
The Hello Bar plugin is simply a convenience for folks who aren’t comfortable editing code on their blogs. If it’s not working for you and you are able to edit your template (as you’ve stated above) then you aren’t missing anything.

NalaMarch 17th, 2011

This might sound crazy but I can’t find this code in my blogger template: . What am I missing? Please help. I really wanted to help Japan :(

Jamie Hamel-SmithMarch 18th, 2011

Hi Nala,
You need to click the design link, then the default tab selected on that page is “Page Elements”. Click the next tab over called “Edit HTML” and then follow the above instructions on where to paste the code snippet.

If you’re still having issues after that then create a topic in and provide your URL. We’ll do our best to get it sorted out there.

Web Toolbar Hello Bar on Blogger, Squarespace, WordPress, Tumblr | sixMarch 19th, 2011

[...] Web Toolbar Hello Bar on Blogger, Squarespace, WordPress, Tumblr Web Toolbar Hello Bar on Blogger, Squarespace, WordPress, Tumblr. [...]

KayMarch 19th, 2011

How do you get the bar to show a white line under it? My bar is a flat red colour.


Jamie Hamel-SmithMarch 21st, 2011

How do you get the bar to show a white line under it? My bar is a flat red colour.

There may be a CSS conflict causing the wite bar/shadow to be hidden.

KayMarch 21st, 2011

I have a friend who uses the same theme as I do, and her bar shows the white line underneath. May I show a screenshot of the code as I have it positioned?


Test Post Title | [NO NAME]March 22nd, 2011

[...] message to support Japan. You can remove the code at any time to remove the Hello Bar. Here aresome tips for adding the code. <script type=”text/javascript” [...]

Peter DownsMarch 25th, 2011

Just inserted the Hello Bar into my blog – no problems – looks great. Here’s a video that shows you how:

Hiren KhambhaytaMarch 29th, 2011

I have got invite and it works great. Check, I have used it on

Jamie Hamel-SmithMarch 30th, 2011

I have got invite and it works great. Check, I have used it on

Hey Hiren,
Great job matching the bar color to your site’s theme!

Hiren KhambhaytaMarch 30th, 2011

Thanks Jamie Hamel-Smith

Mohd RohaizadApril 1st, 2011

Thanks Jamie for the info how to put the code. It really helped me to do it and where to put it correctly. cheers!! :)

Meagan April 5th, 2011

I had the Hello Bar installed on my blog for the last month or so, and suddenly today it has disappeared. When I tried to access the Hello Bar site, it said that I was using the wrong password, which I knew I wasn’t. I requested a new code, and logged in.

But then, it said that I had not made any Hello Bar codes yet?? But I should have three, including the one that I have been using, and love. But it is gone.

So I made a new one, even though it wasn’t quite the same. I don’t remember how I installed the first one, so I came here looking for instructions to remind me…. But I have a site, and this snippet of instruction isn’t enough for me to understand how to install. But it seems like it was MUCH easier the last time.

What happened to my account?? Please help??

Dave ShepardApril 6th, 2011

Hey Meagan, I checked our database and I only see one account in there for you under your email address. There is only one Hello Bar that exists in the database or was ever created for your account. We don’t actually delete Hello Bars from our records, we just mark them as “deleted” and don’t show them in the user interface. I don’t even see any records under that account even marked as deleted.

I think the other Hello Bars must have been under a different account. Is there any other name or email address it could have been under?

Please go ahead and post an your answer to our support forums at as the comment thread isn’t really for support questions. It’ll be much easier to carry on the conversation there. Thanks! :-)

Dave FitchApril 6th, 2011

Just installed the hello bar – had great troubles with display ’till I changed the css to remove padding-top from the body element, then it all worked as expected. Just in case anyone else finds their bar in the middle of the page for no apparent reason…!

Seth HallApril 12th, 2011

Anyone know how to best implement the Hello Bar on a Ning network?


AnastaciaApril 13th, 2011

Hiya :)

Tried to add HB to my Typepad blog. Followed your instructions exactly–and nothing displays.

I’m happy to ask their tech support peeps, but before I do, thought I’d ask if you have any words of wisdom?

Thank you… LOVE Hello Bar!

Jamie Hamel-SmithApril 15th, 2011


Tried to add HB to my Typepad blog. Followed your instructions exactly–and nothing displays.

I’m happy to ask their tech support peeps, but before I do, thought I’d ask if you have any words of wisdom?

Thank you… LOVE Hello Bar!

Hi Anastacia,
If you’re still having issues then create a topic in and provide your URL. We’ll do our best to get it sorted out there.

MdApril 16th, 2011

installed this on, however doesn’t work in IE. Using a wordpress theme.

Cool Tool: Have You Seen HelloBar Yet? |April 16th, 2011

[...] You create your HelloBar on their website and they give you a snippet of javascript to add to your website.  So you can use it on almost any type of site, as long as you’re able to edit your code and add javascript.  Here’s a post that shows how to add it to Weebly, Joomla, and a bunch of others. [...]

Jamie Hamel-SmithApril 18th, 2011

installed this on, however doesn’t work in IE. Using a wordpress theme.

It looks fine from here. Are you still having an issue? If so, please create a thread here and we’ll get working on finding you a solution.

BrianApril 27th, 2011

Can my hello bar work if I developed my website using GoDaddy’s Website Tonight tool?

mediafirehuntJune 9th, 2011

very very usefull post…

How To Help Japan With Your Website and Encourage Aid and AwarenessJune 30th, 2011

[...] message to support Japan. You can remove the code at any time to remove the Hello Bar. Here are some tips for adding the [...]

Studio JWALJuly 20th, 2011

What an excellent resource. The Hello Bar works seamlessly.

Jamie Hamel-SmithJuly 20th, 2011

Thanks Joshua, are you currently using it? Or do you have any examples in the wild that you’d like to show off?

spy60694July 20th, 2011

It worked for my website beutifully, I used blogger for the site and you just have to add it in a gadget. Which is what I did. That way works just as well and is quicker.

MarkJuly 29th, 2011

Thanks for posting this. It was very helpful for posting my hello bar on Joomla.

How to Add an Announcement Bar to Your Website (to Call Attention to Something Important) - NoFilmSchoolAugust 29th, 2011

[...] so if you want to install your own Hello Bar, how do you do it? See this post for instructions on how to install the bar on your WordPress, Drupal, tumblr, Joomla, Squarespace, [...]

Graham StrongSeptember 23rd, 2011

Found a fast way to add to any WordPress blog (i.e. doesn’t have to be

Add a Text Widget to your sidebar (don’t title it)
Paste the embed code

Since the code can appear anywhere in the body, it will work — and won’t leave any mark in your sidebar! (Except in the View Source, of course…)


JamieOctober 11th, 2011

Interesting Graham, we couldn’t replicate your technique (and it’s very clear from viewing the source that your Hello Bar is indeed in a widget). I’m glad that it works for you though!

We’ve found that strips out the JavaScript tags and src.

pbsumpterDecember 26th, 2011

Great script… Perhaps someday you will create a WordPress plugin for the Hello Bar.

sinha.shivam199December 28th, 2011

How can you integrate this into iWeb websites?

heavenscentangelJanuary 1st, 2012

Cannot get my HelloBar to post on the new Tumblr pages.
(love this idea though!)

shan.ali71January 18th, 2012

Sir my hello bar is not showing proper …. please have a look and suggest me something…

seoJanuary 31st, 2012

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verbastreamMay 5th, 2012

Hi everyone! Does anyone know how to run the Hello Bar on Jimdo?
Thanks in advance for your help!!

MikeMay 13th, 2012

I have an HTML based site – not WP. Does it work with that? Anybody see instructions? All I see is for WP sites. Thanks.

MikeMay 13th, 2012

Installed the solo version on and not working. Can someone help? Much appreciated!

Stacie WalkerJune 16th, 2012


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die2mrw007July 12th, 2012

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die2mrw007July 12th, 2012

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digigabyJuly 13th, 2012

Didn’t work out for me but otherwise it would’ve been a great bar to have. I have a site hosted by and tried the code in a it was for my blog. I’ll be trying something else :)

rohitJuly 30th, 2012

guys please tell me how to add hello bar in wordpress platform.., i dnt know the programming stuffs,,

islandministerJuly 30th, 2012


I am building a RapidWeaver website and need to know where to install the embed code. I’ve tried it in the “Header” “CSS” “JavaScript” sections under Page Inspector, but nothing is showing up. Thanks in advance for the help- can’t wait to get this working!


martinabinafordAugust 3rd, 2012

long time no see paul sorry iv took so long i think this is there site
and details, there very helpfull ,say martina put you on

amethystmahoneyblogsAugust 15th, 2012

Well these directions are pretty useless, and now it won’t work with a paid WP
site on individual pages? Unless you can integrate this on some pages using Optimize Press, I don’t see the point.

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SuperNKidsDecember 30th, 2012

How DOes it work with a goDaddy quick blogcast website? how do we install?

beccampbellDecember 30th, 2012

Hello, I’m trying to add it to my iweb site with no luck, can you point me in the right direction? Cheers, Rebecca 11th, 2013

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tracygitelesApril 1st, 2013

How can this be added to a GetSimple based site? I tried adding it to the CSS through the FTP without any luck. Any guidance would be appreciated! Thank you!

Jay Jalaram ExtrusionsApril 2nd, 2013

Thanks for great notice bar. I want to use it in my wordpress based website, Is there any exact plugin which I can install instead of working with theme code.

yemimagApril 4th, 2013

Does anyone know how to add the Hello Bars to an Empower Network blog?

kgiFozzlfoApril 9th, 2013

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MarkApril 16th, 2013

This is not working at all on my wordpress site I don’t understand where to paste the code and the plugins I downloaded are pretty useless.

The tool looks beautiful and I wish it would work and would appreciate any help.

Daniel BasinskiMay 5th, 2013

Easy service with great functions! Thank you.

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David AltmannJuly 11th, 2013

Is it allowed to add the Hellobar to a second website I have or only one?? I have it installed already on one site and would like to add it to my Purple Heart Rating Plugin site here

Since I don’t want to get into trouble with you guys I thought I better ask… :)

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The Hello Bar Guide for BloggersJuly 25th, 2013

[...] To deploy the bar on other platforms, visit the Hello Bar post explaining other platforms. [...]

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DrydritRadaJuly 8th, 2014


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