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One of the great things about Hello Bar Solo, the unlimited-click, fully customizable .js version of the Hello Bar, is the flexibility it gives to developers. Whether you want to embed social widgets or form elements, use it as a disappearing notification, or program it with powerful callback functions, Solo puts you in complete control. Here are just a few featured ideas on how you can use Hello Bar Solo on your site. Click over to the Solo page to see these demos in action and pick up your copy of Hello Bar Solo. You get unlimited customization, unlimited clicks on unlimited sites, all for a one-time fee of $29.

Do More with Hello Bar Solo

Add Social Widgets – Get more likes, followers or +1’s without touching your UI. You can easily drop in the code snippets for each widget into Hello Bar Solo. Users can like, follow or +1 right from the bar. You avoid cramming clunky social widgets into your UI, your client gets the social visibility they’re looking for. Double-win!

Add social widgets to Hello Bar Solo

Add Notifications – Give your users noticeable, stylish notifications triggered off of actions they take on your site. Need a good-looking password change confirmation notification or other state-change alert? Use Hello Bar to let users know when a change they’ve initiated has been made with a Solo. You can code Solo to appear for a limited time and dissolve out of view after the interval of your choice.

Use Hello Bar Solo as a Notification Bar

Add Custom Forms – Drive email subscribers or beta sign-ups with Hello Bar Solo and your favorite form or email client. AWeber, MailChimp and Wufoo are all supported in Solo. Drop in a form field or two and make your opt-in form front and center across your site. It’s a great way to launch a new mailing list or initiative by putting it in front of your site visitors.

put a form in Hello Bar

Add Custom Content – Want to play a video in the Hello Bar? Want to style it with a Zebra-theme? Go for it. Hello Bar Solo lets you add your own custom HTML and code to make the Hello Bar Solo look and display whatever you want, whenever you want.

Custom HTML in Hello Bar

And that’s just the start – when you being integrating call backs with your Hello Bar you can trigger complex functions, like alert dialogs and more. See everything you can do with Solo and download the .js library now for a one-time price of $29.

Get Hello Bar Solo Now

Already a Solo power user? Share your customizations with us in the comments and perhaps we’ll feature your handiwork in a future post.

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Brett AtkinJune 12th, 2012

Can you provide some more information on using forms? How did you do that on the following page:

I see you have a hidden div, but how did make it all work? I looked at the .js file and it looks like you have custom coding in there.


VdubbMay 27th, 2013

Solo seems no longer available

natalia_eremAugust 7th, 2014

Hi guys – have you deactivated it? Why? the subscription form in a bar would have been so useful….

Bren MurphyJuly 13th, 2016

Hi It’s a great innovation and I’m looking forward to the install – any tips or hints on when this functionality might return?
keep an eye out,

Positive PsychologyOctober 6th, 2016

A real ploeasure and I’m sure we’ll be back for more.

daftarbuatakunbaruJanuary 10th, 2017

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dije mima

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